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10 Most Popular Dachshund Names

What's in a name? Due to their German heritage and "wiener/sausage" shaped figure many owners tend to choose a name based around these characteristics. This list is based off names of some cute doxies who follow our Instagram page that seem to be popular with owners. What others can you name? Comment below!

1. Schnitzel - This name has its origins from Germany and Austria



2. Bruno - The name Bruno also has it's origins in Germany and refers to the old German language "brun" definition, which is brown.


3. Cody - Although this name has no German or sausage related origins, it is nonetheless very popular with owners!


4. Frankie - Originates from the word Frankfurt, which is a type of sausage from Germany.


5. Ruby - Because dachshunds are jewels in our lives!

6. Cooper - A cute name for a cute dachshund!


7. Otto - Another German name that has proven to be popular with new dachshund owners.


8. Riley - So regal


9. Herman - A traditional German name for a good looking hound!


10. Penny - Because they are worth every Penny



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