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How 3D Printing Helped a Dachshund Walk Again!

How 3D Printing Helped a Dachshund Walk Again

How 3D Printing Gave a Dachshund a Second Chance

Recently, 3D printing was used to help a cute Dachshund, named Andy, regain his ability to walk again. One day, Andy was suddenly unable to walk. Andy was typically very energetic and responsive to his owner. So, when Loraine Young from Woodstown, New Jersey called Andy and saw him dragging his legs behind him, she was very concerned.

Why Did This Happen?

After contacting Andy's vet, Loraine learned that her beloved Dachshund had a spinal condition that is seen in some smaller dogs who have longer bodies and shorter legs called Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). This spinal condition is very serious and can be life-threatening for dogs.

Emergency Surgery Was Needed to Save Andy's Life

The veterinarians from Saint Francis Veterinary Center near Philadelphia, told Loraine that Andy was going to need emergency surgery to try to save his life. This type of surgery is very complicated and risky on small dogs. Their bones and blood vessels are small and determining exactly where the surgeon needs to go to perform the surgery is trick.

However, that day was going to have a happy ending for Andy as the surgeons from Saint Francis had partnered with doctors from Thomas Jefferson University. They were experimenting with using 3D printing to help surgeons operate on patients. The doctors used technology to create a 3D print of Andy's spine. The 3D print was so detailed and precise that Dr. Mark Magazu, Andy's surgeon, was able to use it to help him identify exactly where he needed to operate.

The Results

Andy's surgery was performed on July 18th. Today, Andy is a walking miracle thanks to 3D printing. He will forever be known as the 3D printing Dachshund. His owner Loraine is happy to have Andy back home and see him acting more and more like his old self. 

A Bittersweet Ending

Andy's story is bittersweet for Loraine, though. Andy was a great companion to her husband, Robert. Before Andy experience issued with his spine, Robert had become increasingly ill. Andy was always by his side, watching out for him and keeping him company. Unfortunately, Robert passed away before Andy was able to return from his surgery. However, Loraine shared that she knows Robert would have been very happy to hear about the success of their 3D printing dachshund.

What do you think of Andy's story and the concept of 3D printing? Let us know in the comments below!





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