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How To Pronounce "Dachshund" Correctly

Ever been in a conversation where you argue the proper pronunciation of a word? Take for example the name of one of the cutest breeds of dogs in the world – DACHSHUND! You probably have seen a dachshund and have not really thought of its proper pronunciation. Perhaps, you are happy to simply call them wiener dog or doxies. But wouldn’t it be nice to know how to correctly pronounce their real breed name too?

Well, if you want to know how to pronounce the word “dachshund”, then stick around. In this blog, we’ll also learn about the origin of the dachshund breed. What you will discover might surprise you!

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Why Dachshunds Are The Cutest Ever

Everyone would agree that dachshunds are incredibly cute! But have you ever thought why? Well, sometimes, you just can’t explain it. They are just cute and that’s it! But for the sake of answering the question, let’s stop and think. What makes dachshunds so cute?

Why do so many people fall in love with them? Well, in this post, let us dive deep into these questions and see why dachshunds are so cute.

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How To Potty Train Your Dachshund

Every dachshund owner knows the horror of having their cute four-legged friend soiling their home. The very thought of cleaning after your dachshund and dealing with the lingering smell is enough to make owners stressed out.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to your problem. You simply need to potty train your dachshund. Obviously, the next question would be, “How?”

That’s exactly what you will learn today. Read and discover how you can effectively and properly train your dachshund dog in this blog.

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How to Make Your Dachshund Love Bath Time
If you own a Dachshund and you're used to bath time being a stressful experience, then you might be thinking it's impossible to turn things around. The truth is, the way we approach and prepare for bath time plays a big role in whether or not our Dachshunds's cooperate. Bath time can actually be a good source of bonding time for you and your Dachshund!

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This Dachshund is a Total Chick Magnet!
If you follow the Dachshund Community on Instagram, chances are you've stumbled across the account @loulouminidachshund. LouLou is a 2 year old Dachshund from the Netherlands, with over 230,000 followers on her Instagram page!

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